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World Series Labels would like you to get the best possible quality from your self adhesive materials, below you will find environmental information, repulpability, handling storage guidelines and general guidance notes that will ensure the highest standards are achieved throughout the labels life.
World Series Labels takes its environmental responsibilities seriously and will endeavour to minimise the environmental impact of its manufacturing and distribution activities.
The company is continually looking for ways to encourage environment protection where this can be effected through its own organisation and/or industry in which it operates.
The manufacturing operation is not considered to have any significant adverse impact on the environment, but the company is nevertheless committed where possible to:
  • Using 100% solvent free adhesives whether aqueous or hot melt, and solventless silicone.
  • Using sheet permanent and removable adhesives which are repulpable according to FTM 19, on our standard grades to enable recycling of labelled packaging materials.
  • Using packaging and raw materials which conform to environmentally directed standards for recyclability, re-use and heavy metal content.
  • Adopting raw materials that comply with BS EN 71-3 (Toy safety regarding toxic metal content).
  • Adopting raw materials that comply with food packaging regulations (BGA or US F&DA) applicable to limited contacts with foodstuffs.
  • Giving preference to suppliers who have formally approved quality and environmental management systems.
  • in our sheet range using papers manufactured only from pulp bleached by elemental chlorine free (ECF) or totally chlorine free (TCF) methods.
  • Offering label paper with high recycled fibre content where customers specify.
  • Meeting all legislative requirements for atmospheric emissions, trade effluents and waste disposal.